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Custom Decoupage Wall Clocks

Custom wall clocks created using spray paint and comic books/magazine pages used for design. Clock sizes range from approximately 9” to 15″wide. Prices are $25.00 and up.

Custom Decoupage/Spray Paint End Tables

Custom end tables created using spray paint/acrylic paint and comic books/magazine pages used for design. The table is sprayed with a matte sealant to protect surface. Table measurements: Length 21 5/8”, Width 21 5/8”,and Height 17 ¾”. Max weight table can hold is 55 lbs. Prices are $50.00 and up.

Mixed Media Canvas Art

Mixed Media Canvas Art – Canvases are created using various methods: silhouettes, hand drawn, and decoupage techniques. Supplies include spray paint, acrylic paint, paint markers along with comic books/magazine pages. Price varies on size: 9” x 12”, 12”x12”, 11” x 14” and 16”x20” and starts at $15 and up.

Custom Decoupage Picture Frames

Custom made picture frames created using acrylic/ paint markers and comic books/magazine pages used for design. Picture frame exterior is 8.5″ by 6.5″ and the photo area is 3.5″. Prices are $8.00 or 2 /$14.00.

Custom Lamps

Custom made lamps created using spray paint. Comic books and magazine pages are used for design on lamp shades. The base is designed with action figures and other accessories. Prices are $35.00 and Up.

Custom Decoupage Coasters

Custom coasters created using spray paint and comic books/magazine pages used for design along with matted sealant. Prices are $5.00 or 6/$25.00.

Custom Decoupage Light Switch Covers

Custom light switch covers are created using comic books, printed images or magazine pages for design along with Matte sealant. Covers include: single toggle, double toggle and electric outlet coversOther covers available upon request. Prices are $5.00 and up.

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